“Here's Your Chance To ‘Ethically Steal’ The Formula To World Class Blues Soloing Without Having To Spend Months Or Years In Your Practice Room...”

By following my “3 Blues Rules," you can be playing impressive blues solos that are not only free from wrong notes… but actually command attention and sound right on the money every time. All without playing a million notes, without learning a bunch of exotic scales or fingering patterns, and without a master’s degree in music theory…

Griff Hamlin

Griff Hamlin

Imagine this scenario…

What if you were suddenly able to sit in and solo with any blues band in the world and sound like a seasoned pro?

What if, instead of being afraid to take a solo, you couldn’t hardly wait until it was your turn?

What if every solo you ever played sounded “Just Right!” instead of just “not wrong.”

Sound like a stretch?

Many of my students would have agreed with you... until I showed them how it can be done.

So read on and I’ll tell you about the simple 3 Step Formula they've all used to make it possible...

But, let's get one thing straight...

This isn’t some sort of magic pill that you take and wake up a professional blues player...

It will take a little time and energy and practice on your part.

But, if you're willing to spend that time, and follow the instructions...

Then this formula is working great for over 6700 of my students who are using it, and I’m sure it can help you too.

Now then, with that said... let's talk about these 3 Blues Rules...

Why Have Rules For Blues Soloing?

Before I tell you the rules, you have to know that I didn’t make these rules up – in fact, no one person did…

You see, when it comes to making up rules about music (which I know might sound a little silly,) you have to go back hundreds of years to the beginnings of music...

Back then, musical geniuses like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and others composed incredible pieces of music that have withstood the test of time for literally hundreds of years…

And  after that music was proven... then the music theory scholars went to work studying it and writing down what they learned from that music.

But why?

Why would anyone want to analyze and make rules from something as artistic as music?

For one very good reason...

No one should reinvent the wheel...

If we know what sounds good, because it is proven...

And we know how to create those sounds using a system of simple rules...

Then each new generation isn't starting from scratch, but is instead standing on the shoulders of the giants before them.

But how does it apply to you and blues guitar?

By following the "3 Blues Rules," you will know your licks will sound good (not just, 'not wrong') before you even play them:

And if you know that your lick follows those rules, you will know it is going to sound good... that, my friend, is the definition of knowing what you're doing.

Now, of course, sure you can go out and learn 20 solos from BB King... and then you'd see patterns of how he does things…

Then you can go out and learn 20 solos from Albert King… then Freddie King… then Muddy Waters… then Hendrix…

Yes, that’s one way to do it, but taking months or years to learn and digest what can be learned within days or weeks doesn't sound like my idea of a good time.

Instead, let's talk about...

Exactly What You’ll Be Getting

Killer Blues Solos Made Easy  is not like any other blues soloing course you might already have. There’s no theory, we won’t spend a bunch of time on scales, and you won’t have to decode any musical hieroglyphics to understand it. This is straight-up “how you do it!”

  • 1

    The 3 Blues Rules Explained

    The “3 Blues Rules” simple: 1. Never start a lick on the call... 2. Aim for a chord tone on the 3 magic chord changes in a blues... and, 3. Use a little major blues sound over the I chord once in a while. In this section, I'll walk you through each of those 3 simple rules and show you how to follow them without having to think about it.

  • 2

    Blues Lead Techniques

    In part 1 you’ll get all the basic lead techniques in case you are a little rusty, haven’t ever tried to play lead before, or simply haven’t really nailed those bends or pull-offs just yet. This part will build your confidence and make sure you are nailing the sounds of the blues right so you will really sound like a pro and not a hack.

  • 3

    A Plug-N-Play Solo

    Instead of you having to take a pile of licks and techniques and come up with something, I’ve done it for you. This solo utilizes every rule perfectly and you can simply plug it in any time and sound like a seasoned professional.

  • 4

    Complete Video, Audio, and TABs

    Playing the blues needs all your senses… you need to watch me do it, you need to listen to the sound and you need to be able to look at each note an make sure you know right where it is on your guitar. You’ll get over 90 minutes of video, audio versions of me playing the solo both at full and slow speeds for practice, and a jam track without my playing on it so you can check your skills with a live band (and yes, it is a live band… mine!) Nothing is left out and I guarantee you won’t get lost (more on that later.)

  • 5

    14 Great New Blues Licks

    As we break down the ideas and licks within the example solo, you'll be getting at least 14 new licks that could be used in any order, or with other licks you already know, meaning you have thousands of possible new solos at your fingertips.

  • 6

    No Fluff Or Filler To Wade Through...

    As I often say to my students, “we’re here for your benefit not mine… I already know how to play.” In fact, when my students come out and see me really play hard on a gig they usually say something like “I didn’t know you could play like that! How come you don’t play like that at our lessons?” Well the answer is simple… you don’t take lessons to see someone else play. It’s all about you! So while it may seem like this course is “only” 90 minutes the information goes far beyond the video length.

Here's a demonstration of the solo you'll learn. It's a classic blues shuffle used in thousands of blues songs throughout history. This is totally plug and play for you, just drop it in and you'll sound like a pro.

Here’s a glimpse into the technique of bending. In this video I’ll cover how to play a bend and get it to sound like you mean it.

A little history of the “3 Blues Rules” along with a quick explanation of the first rule and how it applies to a lick from the solo.

Rule #3 is about using the major blues sound over the I chord and minor over the IV and V. In this video you’ll get a glimpse into one of my favorite BB King style major blues licks. I hope you’ll steal this one!

Please watch this video no matter what! If you learn nothing else from anything I teach you, I want you to learn about counting and how important it is to your playing.

Look What Other Guitar Players Are Saying…

Until now, I didn't realize that some of the licks I've been using for years are in "the house" pattern.  And just watching it, I've gained four or five brand new licks ... still have to practice them and put them into muscle memory, but there they are right in front of me and using a pattern I've been using for years.  Which notes to emphasize when going from the I chord to the IV chord and from the IV chord back into the I chord is another nifty piece of info.  And simply moving the "house" pattern up two frets for some great BB King stuff is brand new to me... It's a great little course and worth more than what Griff charged for it!

Jim Kubitza Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Forum

I got so much more out of it.  Just the timing piece alone has raised my awareness so much more!

Al F Blues Guitar Unleashed Forum Member

For me this course just puts the ideas together as I would have if I had been writing down the main ideas from the other courses. The cost is unbeatable. Guess my post shows that I am thrilled with this course. P.S. don’t tell Griff he may want to charge us more.

Larry Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Forum

Just Say “Maybe”

I’m so confident that you’ll love Killer Blues Solos Made Easy that I’m willing to give you a full 90 days to try it out for yourself.

If you don’t love it, just let me or one of my friendly helpdesk agents know and you’ll get a fast, friendly refund… no questions asked (and you don’t even have to send it back!)


So Let’s Wrap This Up…

Killer Blues Solos Made Easy is immediately available for streaming or download use through a secure Member Portal, so you can be digging in just a few minutes from now...

And today it only costs $9.

When you consider that a 90 minute private lesson with me would cost you $150, the investment is trivial.

You’ve got a full 90 days to try out the course for yourself and see what it can do for you... If at any point you aren’t totally thrilled with it, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund and you don’t even have to send it back. (Which, by the way, you don't get with a private lesson!)

This is one of the few times in your life when such a small investment can bring such big returns. If you are just getting started with blues soloing, or you’ve been trying but you still don’t like what you hear then Killer Blues Solos Made Easy may very well be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Thanks, Finally some purpose to all those random notes... and in small enough chunks I can understand.

Greg In Seattle Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Forum

I really enjoyed this mini-course. It was a great distraction from ABGU and the three rules are priceless.

Eric Blues Guitar Unleashed Forum Member

It is REALLY a lot of fun to play and is quick to learn because Griff does a great job breaking it down in the videos.

Jeff Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Forum

Just click the button below to get your copy of Killer Blues Solos Made Easy for just $9 with instant access...

Yes, I Want This!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Is this course good for a beginner?

If you are a brand new guitar player, or still struggling just to play some chords, this won’t be a good fit for you, I’m sorry. However, in my experience, most people underestimate their abilities. If you are already soloing, or can at least strum some chords together and play a few songs, you should be just fine.

Do I have to download the course?

You always have the option to download the course to your local computer, or stream it from the secure member portal. If you choose to stream it, you have additional tools (looping, changing speed) for the video. Regardless of which option you choose, it will always be available to you, even if you decide it is not for you.

How long will it take?

That’s a difficult question because it will depend on where you are now. For my students that were already fairly accomplished, they were able to learn the solo in a couple of weeks, and were able to put the 3 Rules into use almost immediately, in some cases. However, for most students that are new to soloing, I would plan on spending at least a few weeks going through the material, and it may take a little longer to be able to play it all comfortably.

What if I just don't have talent?

Sadly, as adults we often have the tendency to doubt our own abilities. In the last 30+ years I’ve been teaching privately, and with the 60,000+ students I’ve worked with online over the last 12+ years, I have yet to have a student fail who has genuinely tried and followed the steps. Talent is never the issue, this is a step-by-step thing that can be learned by anyone.

Will I have to do a bunch of boring exercises?

None. Nearly every example in the entire course is an actual blues lick or idea. I don’t like to spend time on exercises or examples that aren’t musical.

Can I get this on DVD?

Yes, there is an option above for me to send you the course on DVD for an additional materials charge (shipping and tax may also apply.)

How big is the download?

For all 4 videos, the manual, and the audio tracks is just over 1GB in MP4 format. Add about 200MB for the WMV format.

If this is so valuable, why so cheap?

I’ve been very fortunate with the success of my Blues Guitar Unleashed course and other courses I’ve released… but many of them are substantial and I understand that not everyone is ready to make that kind of investment of their time and money. My hope is that you’ll get a lot out of this smaller course, and decide to step into more of my courses down the road.

Am I too old for this?

Not at all! Many of my students are well into their 60s and 70s and having a great time. As a side benefit, there is a lot of research to indicate that playing and learning music is a great way to keep your mind sharp.